10 Questions For John Musker

This week’s blog is an experiment.   I thought it might be interesting to ask some questions of one of Howard’s colleagues at Disney. I thought it might be especially interesting if the questions came directly from readers of this blog.

So I asked John Musker who, along with Ron Clements, was co-writer and co-director of The Little Mermaid, if he’d be willing to play along.

John has a long and admirable background in animation and over the years, I’ve come to truly appreciate his insights into the field.

The big part of this experiment is you, though.  I need your questions.

I will, of course, exercise my prerogative (hey, my blog, my prerogative) of  reserving the final choice of questions for one lucky person…me.

Your prerogative…make the questions so good that I’ll kick myself for not calling this little experiment, Eleven Questions for John Musker.

I’ve started the ball rolling with a question of my own.