Fantasy Cast

Justin Kudwa just started a discussion on Feed Me about which part he’d like to play in LSOH and how he’d interpret (or maybe reinterpret) the part. It set me to thinking about my own dream LSOH cast.  Because it’s my game, I’m making up the rules and saying I can pick anyone from any era.  So, easy first point, Audrey would be played by Judy Holliday.

I also considered Jennifer Hudson playing all three Urchins but then decided that even a fantasy has to have some basis in reality.  I mean, dead people playing a part is one thing but asking dear Jennifer, who’s dieted down to a mere wisp, to now split herself into thirds would really be asking too much.

No other Urchins, yet, though.

Right now I’m saying Jimmy Stewart as Seymour but I’m really still in casting on that one, too.  Same with Orin.

James Earl Jones as Audrey II.

Mushniks, have I got Mushniks.  A short list:  Bert Lahr, George Burns, Jack Benny and, if he promises to behave, Billy Crystal.

A Mess of Mushniks:

Ideas?  We’re in casting, I’m open to ideas.

John Musker will be back with Q&A number five tomorrow.