Feed Me

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…Feed Me. When I sat down to discuss this site with the web designer, she asked me to outline what I hoped to accomplish.

First on my list was making sure that Howard would be properly recognized for his contributions to theater and film – and that the facts would be correct (I’m talking to you, Wikipedia).

Second, was that Howard’s fans and colleagues and family would have a place to share thoughts, info, questions and even photos and videos of and about Howard’s work.

Like all good theater people (I’m not one, actually, but I understand ‘em pretty damn well) I’ve papered the house.  But so far, I’m most of the paper.

Not good.  Please help make this work.  Take a look at the page and start writing and uploading.  And if you find any glitches, please let me known.  We’re still in tryouts and changes can absolutely be made,  though I'd like to avoid bringing in a show doctor (I'm talking to you, Jerry Zaks).