Halloween Costume Call

By Sarah Ashman Gillespie

A few years back, I went to a Halloween Party and a woman showed up with a blond wig and black eye, her arm was in a sling and she wore a very tight leopard skin cardigan and a very tight black skirt.  And I thought it was terrific fun until the costume contest began.  We each had to do a little something to show who we were supposed to be.  You know, a twirl if you were Fred Astaire, a yip if you were your pet Shih Tzu.  When Cynthia’s turn came, she walked directly over to me, stood very close to my face and began singing Somewhere That’s Green at me – a cappela and in its entirety.  And I stood there grinning and attempting to fall through the earth at the same time.  I kept grinning, didn’t fall through the earth.


I’ve often said that being Howard’s sister was an amazing amount of fun.  I got to see great theater, meet great people and go to some great parties…


…but this wasn’t one of them.


So, I’m requesting a Halloween Reset. 


What’s your best Halloween costume based on a costume from one of Howard’s shows or films? 


Post it on our Facebook Discussion Page (if you’re not a member, this is a good time to join).  I can’t wait to see you.


Just please don’t sing at me.

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