Mid Summer Update

What with the summer and all, I’m being a little lazy about blogging.  I’m working to get my momentum back by September and will be posting some updates before then, too. Most exciting, for me anyway, is a great animated short based on an early (and not well known) song that Howard and Alan wrote years ago.  A group of incredibly talented young animators has been working on it and I hope we’ll be able to sneak some art out to you soon.

I hope to have some interesting Little Shop and Rosewater news for you later in the fall.

And Disney continues being Disney – which means we’re anxiously waiting to see the new Aladdin that will open in Toronto in November .

Here's a little summer treat:  A photo from The Snow Queen, Howard's Master's thesis production at Indiana University and the first known use of a talking plant in an Ashman musical.  I'm sorry, I don't know who the actor is, but the show was produced in the mid '70's.

Hope everyone’s having a great summer and staying out of the heat and direct sunlight (says my maternal instinct).