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The Sprinter

Howard and I were raised in a family that worried, with very good reason, about money. Debt was a given, not a theory, in our home. There are two ways to come out of that family dynamic – being a spendthrift and being a skinflint. Howard was a bit more of a spendthrift than me (actually, Ebenezer Scrooge is more of a spendthrift than me) but we both worried about money and going broke.

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Director's Notes

Let us now discuss cool things. Like this page of Howard’s notes dated 4/21. That would be April 21, 1982, a few days before Little Shop of Horrors opened.

When I look at this, I picture Howard taking a long drag on his Marlboro Light, wadding up a piece of yellow-lined paper and popping it into his mouth as if it was a chaw of tobacco, then taking a deep breath and fumbling with a pack of Mylanta tabs.

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