The Book I Want To Read

Like most people, I start each year with great expectations and plans and then gradually let them slide as life intervenes. And this year will no doubt be like all the rest.

But, eternal optimist that I am, I have decided to try something else.  I’m going to let some complete strangers in on my personal goals.  That’s smart, right?  I mean, this is the internet, after all.  And nothing bad ever comes from baring your soul on the internet.

This year I want to put the pieces in place for a book about Howard.  I’m not thinking standard bio, more a scrapbook kind of thing.  I doubt I’ll be the writer or editor – that person will be someone with lots of experience and publications to his/her credit.

The book I envision will have lots of photos, personal stories and musings from people who knew and worked with Howard, unfinished or cut lyrics, and maybe some learned explication of Howard’s lyrics and other writings, as well.

There are obvious people to speak to and include in this, of course.  But I’m throwing this out there to you loyal followers.  What am I missing?  Who would you like to hear from?

Think outside the box on this.  And please feel free to post any ideas in our Howard Ashman group on Facebook.

Thanks and, remember you heard it here first, Happy New Year.