The Corrections

Putting this site together has been a lesson in many things – social media, computer sciences, fact-checking, memory-scratching, perseverance, writing and filing. But in the week and a half the site has been up and running, it’s also been a lesson in things I don’t know. I’ve gotten a few emails – all well-intended - informing me of what I’ve missed. I thought maybe I’d covered myself by calling a work-in-progress but that’s like calling tonight’s performance of Spiderman a preview (I know – last week I said no Spiderman jokes but that was last week, an eon ago in internet time).

To begin, Howard did write some plays that weren’t musicals. One, The Confirmation, has a page on this site. But there were two one acts, “Cause Maggie’s Afraid of the Dark” and “Mud Season,” as well. I didn’t include them because other than a weekend of performances, they’ve never been produced. That’s probably not a good enough reason and I’ll include them eventually.

I also didn’t mention (except in this blog) Hundreds of Hats. Although everything in Hundred of Hats is Howard’s work (along with his worthy collaborators, of course) the revue itself was a creation of the multi-talented director, Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening, among others). And it was produced posthumously so I’m a little chary about including it here. Still working that one through – I welcome any suggestions, though.

Finally, I’ve gotten some requests for more photos. I’ll be putting more photos up as time goes on but just to show my heart’s in the right place, here are two I particularly like.