Vexed Vermouth

You may have noticed by now that we’ve been loading up videos from Howard’s Memorial.  In a blatant effort to get your eyes and your attention, we’ve been putting up material from people you know and love like Jodi Benson and Alan Menken and others whose names you may not recognize but who are powerhouse performers, like Alix Korey and Fred Coffin. The latest video is one of my favorite moments from that evening.  In it, Dennis Green, a friend and colleague of Howard’s, recites a parody Howard wrote.  This would have been back somewhere in the mid '70's - Dennis had written the lyrics for a show called Dreamstuff, based on Shakespeare's The Tempest.  Howard had written the book.  Late one evening, Howard and Dennis set to imagining how various musical greats would have made The Tempest into a musical.  This was one of Howard’s contributions – had Sir Noel taken a shot at it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you A Magician’s Work from the lost Coward musical,

Vexed Vermouth.