High School Musicals

Through the magic of Google subscriptions, I just came upon this video of a high school production of Little Shop. I happened to have seen this production.  Yes, it’s true, I go to see high school musicals – even when I know no one in the cast.  A caveat – they must be performing Little Shop and be within a five-mile radius of my home.  That said, I would happily expand to a 25-mile radius for Smile.  And the sky’s the limit for Rosewater.  But I digress.

I actually really love doing this.   I am often (okay, not always) stunned by the depth of talent I see in these productions (and the Irvington production was very good).  I’m also often stunned by the number of kids the directors manage to squeeze onto the stage.  Skid row seems to get bigger by the year.   One school dragged out every costume it had ever used, I swear I saw the scarecrow of Wizard of Oz menacing Audrey during Downtown (Skid Row).  It’s okay, I love it and I have a feeling Howard would have loved it as well.

Once I got so carried away that I bought five bags of M&Ms that had been printed in the High School’s colors, with the words, “Little Shop” on the blues and “of Horrors,” on the oranges.  I brought them home and had a serious talk with myself about the relative merits of school spirit versus weight control right before opening the first bag.

While we’re on the subject of theater snacks, I went to a production of LSOH over the weekend.  It was an off off Broadway production, not a high school one and accordingly the snack bar really did one-up the high school M&Ms.   Here’s a photo of the eyeball-cupcake (a mini, cake-filled version of their Audrey II) right before it was devoured by my seven-year-old guest.

And I have to give a shout-out here to whoever made the cake for our worthy Part of His World correspondent, Benya.  It’s a pretty spectacular Audrey II cake, check it out.

I'm starting two discussions in Feed Me.  One for your own high school musical memories and the other for food ideas for LSOH performances.

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