Little Halloween of Horrors

As you can no doubt tell by the photo that runs with this blog, in the home of Howard's and my childhood, anything that had to do with makeup or costumes was the cat’s pajamas (black leotard and tights, cardboard ears on black felt cap,  pipe cleaner whiskers, cool makeup via Howard – my costume circa 1965). I can’t say that I am entirely into the whole Little Shop/Halloween connection but it’s there so let’s just relax and go with it, shall we?

In 2003, Audrey II was the grandmaster of the famed NYC Halloween Parade that takes over Greenwich Village each October 31.  Sure, sure, the show was running on Broadway and this was pretty much a cynical promotion campaign to get behinds in seats but it was a pretty cool promotion campaign, nevertheless.

I think my inability to accept the Little Shop/Halloween connection may be the result of a trauma I suffered a few years ago.  Being Howard’s sister has mostly been one of my life’s particular blessings.  That my brother has continued to color my life even after his death (cue the violins but in honesty, I am beyond touched by the incredibly bright and kind notes I’ve received through this site and blog.  Your reactions have been the highlight of this past year for me) is a very real treasure.


Sometimes people get a little carried away.  A few years ago, I went to a Halloween party.  A Halloween costume party.  There were geishas, and cowboys and GI Joes.  And there was a woman dressed as Audrey, with a blond wig, black eye and leopard print scarf for a sling.  Nice idea, I’m sure it’s been done many times.  This time, however, I was in the room and I was not incognito.

Later in the evening, we had to go around the room and say a little about who we were – in character, of course.  When we got to Audrey, she started telling her story, lisp and all.

And then she began to sing.

Full voice and only slightly off key.

That would have been okay, until she honed in on me.  And before I knew it, I was the full on recipient of Somewhere That’s Green.  Which is a song I love.  An iconic, beautiful, “I want” song” with some of Howard’s most evocative lyrics.


There is a time and a place for everything and the time and place for Somewhere That’s Green is on a stage.  Or in a shower.  Definitely not in my face.

I don’t know what she was thinking and I’ll let you guess what I was thinking but to paraphrase that great Urchin philospher, Crystal:

That girl had a problem.

Happy Halloween, all.